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Stair renovation system

A staircase renovation and refurbishment with the HAFA-Treppen®-system is of high-quality, fast, robust and above all affordable staircase renovation and refurbishment

The company HAFA stairs is a medium sized business with tradition and location in Saxony. In 1993 the HAFA stairs corporate sales limited company was founded in North Rhine - Westphalia. The base of this foundation was a renovation system operating germanwide. The name HAFA is an abbreviation of founder's names Harenberg and Falke. Since 1998 the head office, the storehouse and the manufacturing are located in Meerane, managed by Mr. Sven Hoffmann.


The system which is behind HAFA

HAFA has developed a specific stair renovation system for the reconstruction of plain and worndown steps of wood and stone stairs for indoors. The system can be applied in living area as well as in commercial buildings. The system enables fast mounting and ensures thereby a fast re-use of the renovated stairs at full loading. A further important feature of HAFA renovated stairs is that they look like new stairs. The stair renovation is not visible, because the
assembling auxiliaries are covered. The image is not disturbed by a metal rail or "anti-slip strip". These items are usually only dirt edges. We offer wood steps and laminated stair elements (Laminate steps). Beside high added value the room gains a comfortable appearance again.