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Double step element "Elegance" 100, White Walnut, without risers

Double step element
Double step element Double step element Double step element

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Product no.: WN 102002
decor / colour: 
front edge: 
grid dimensions: 

1000 x 700 x 65 mm

double step element, postforming laminate
profiled front edge 65 mm, with milled groove for use with assembly profile

- surface: laminate AC4 of use class 32, non-slip surface with brushed wood structure
- base material: fibre board V313, moisture resistant, thickness 11 mm

HAFA laminate steps are extremely hard-wearing, wear-resistant and less sensitive against scratches and impacts. The surface has a perceptible wood structure and a sophisticated visual effect. You scarcely can distinguish the surface from genuine wood. Our steps are pressure-proof, hygienically uncritical, light-resistant, resistant against cigarette glow, hardly flammable, resistant against household chemicals and easy to clean.

Thermosetting plastic in flooring quality (Laminate CPL - Continuous Pressure Laminates), abrasion resistance according to prEN13329 AC4.

The L-shaped prefabricated step element consists of a base board V313 with laminated plastic surface and meets highest demands. The V313 board swells up scarcely. The hardness of the laminate plastic stops the steps from wear down. The applied laminate plastic has a high slip resistance thanks to the brushed surface.

1 double step element usually makes 2 steps

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